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Double Edged Knife with adjustable guide


Knife with a 20cm double blade, different grinding on each side and adjustable guide for precision slicing. On one side the blade is wavy and sharpened on both sides to cut bread without crumbling, cold cuts, meat and vegetables. The handle has an adapted adjustable guide for uniform/equal slices with a thickness of 1.5 mm up to 15.5mm. On the other side its blade has alternating lengths of saw-edged crosscut serrations to cut meat or fish directly from the freezer.


  • Ergonomically designed lightweight handle made of high quality plastic for a firm grip and relaxed use.
  • The cutting guide operates on both sides for use by left-handers and right-handers.
  • The ideal knife for equal slices of meat baked in the oven such as roll, pork leg and roast beef.

Technical Details:

SKU: 003070
Dimensions 32.5 cm



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